Who are we?

WOOMEN is a web-based platform of Hair & Make-up Artists and other services that is related to beauty and fashion. Our primary goal is to raise the profile of our aspiring artisans in the beauty and make-up scene in the Philippines as well to provide gateway to aspiring individuals may it be a professional artists or beauty enthusiasts through empowerment & opportunity.

Meet the Team

Guiden Faith Amalay

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

Guiden works as a Continuing Medical Education specialist at a pharmaceutical company, and a co-owner of an invesment company. She is also a professional Make-Up Artist who loves doing spontaneous trips.

Kristine Baltazar Estravo

Chief Operation Officer / Co-founder

Kristine loves the everyday hustle. She is a mom of two boys, an International Area Sales Manager of a Real Estate Development company, and an entrepreneur. Along with Woomen, Kristine co-owns several businesses including a food park, a travel agency, and an investment company. She absolutely loves make up, and shopping not just for herself, but for others as well.

Chrislyn Dew Cruz

Chief Marketing Officer / Co-founder

Starting as a production assistant for television commercials, Chris has been working in the advertising industry for six years now. She currently works as an Account Manager for Omnicom Media Group. She likes to paint, read and travel, drink her coffee, and has no explanation as to why she will never eat a doughnut.

Katrina Carandang

Chief Creative Officer / Co-founder

KC is an international Sales Executive for a US based hospitality company. She loves people and helping them move with purpose. She creatively expresses herself by being a freelance fashion designer, and absolutely enjoys putting a pop of color in a dull day.

Sonjia Calit-Kakilala

Chief Social Officer/ Co-founder

Sonjia is an actress, model, events host, voice over artists and Radio DJ. She is happily married to Fidel, and she randomly bursts into song in the middle of a conversation.