Woomen - Redefining Beauty

Our Mission

Our company began in November 2016 when a group of women sat down to think of ways to Win Others Over – the reason we are called WOOmen. We want to help other women stand out in the crowd and rise above the challenges of modern life. One way of doing this is by giving our members the confidence they need to overcome any situation. We connect them to cosmeticians who can educate them and improve their appearance. Armed with knowledge and their new looks, these women are ready for anything! We also created this site to highlight the fashion and beauty services of various hair and make-up artists. Our primary goal is to raise the profile of cosmetic artisans in the Philippines. To achieve this, we empower aspiring and professional make-up designers and beauty enthusiasts by providing them with opportunities to enhance their respective careers.


  • Guiden Faith Amalay

    Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

    Guiden works as a continuing medical education specialist at a pharmaceutical company. She co-owns an investment company and is a professional make-up artist. A Jane-of-all-trades, Guiden is a businesswoman, boxer, tennis player, skim- and wakeboarder.

  • Sonjia Calit-Kakilala

    Co-Founder/Chief Social Officer

    Sonjia wears many hats. She is an actress, model, events host, voiceover artist, and radio DJ. A nurse by profession, Sonjia is happily married to a pastor. She has a habit of bursting into song in the middle of a conversation.

  • Katrina Bati Carandang

    Co-Founder/ Chief Operating Officer

    KC is an international sales executive for a US-based hospitality company. She loves helping people. To express herself, KC works as a freelance fashion designer and enjoys adding color to a dull day. She is an avid globetrotter who grew up in Indonesia.

  • Chrislyn Dew Cruz

    Co-Founder/ Chief Marketing Officer

    Starting as a production assistant for TV commercials, Chris has been in the advertising industry for years. She currently works as an account manager for Omnicom Media Group. Chris likes to paint, read, travel, and drink coffee, but she can’t explain why she will never eat a doughnut

  • Kristine Baltazar Estravo

    Co-Founder/ Chief Strategy Officer

    Kristine is a proud mom of two boys, an international area sales manager of a real estate development company, and an entrepreneur. She co-owns several businesses, including a food park, a travel agency, and an investment company. She loves make-up and shopping.